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App icon makers website is app icon makers to optimizes your icon designs.App icon makers makes icons for iOS , Android ,Watch and Imessenger plateform devices app icon.App icon makers allows to download zip file in single click!

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How To Use / How It Works

Just upload the original icon on the upload area manually(Standard size should be 1024 * 1024). The icon is uploaded and the icons are generated automatically.Download option will activate autmatically to download all icons after resize.


App Icon Makers

Icons in Multiple Types

App icon maker makes icons that are required for an

iOS, Android , Watch and Imessenger devices app icons.

Multiple Sizes Icons

Multiple size icons for all devices from one icon! Best results are achieved with resolutions of 512x512 or 1024x1024 pixels.

Easy Download Process

Download all icons into single zip folder by single click.

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